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Valle Cereza

New Web Site
Posted on Dec 8th, 2011

The board of directors approved the funds to establish this web site. The intent and hope of the board is that this web site will help us improve communication with all of our members, both owners and residents. There are a number of pages that are interactive.
The membership directory is designed to be set up and maintained by the individual member. YOU are able to add yourself, edit your profile, and decide what is to be viewable by the members and what is to be used by the board only. One very important piece of information the board needs is your email address! We will be able to email information in a much more cost effective and timely manner with this tool. Please don't worry though the board has made assurances that they will not flood your email!
The Classified page is intended to provide us a way of selling items that we no longer need, but could be useful for one of our neighbors.
The Reccommendations page is to be used by you to endorse your favorite contractors and service folks. If someone has done work for you and you are pleased, let us all know!
We also will maintain a page of Links that are of interest to our residents.
In addition, the pages on Finance and Minutes are there to show everyone involved everything the board is doing. We believe the best way to safegard our future includes well informed members.
In the Contact us section, one of the choices is to send a message to the web administrator. Please feel free to pass along your ideas and suggestions!
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